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The Comickickstarter Show: Episode 2 ( Vol.2)

By: Brad Linder

The Comickickstarter Show: Episode 2!

In this one, I sit down for a cool chat with Ray Marek and Nick Garber of Apogee Comics, to discuss their newest kickstarter campaign for ' The Crimson Guardians ', the latest title to feature The Cardinal and many others soon to come.

We recorded this right as the campaign launched and even though today, it was funded at the time of this post and release, making a full 100% funding goal in less than a week, it still has plenty of time to go! The guys are a blast to hang out with and talk shop. Check the kickstarter page at the official site: The Crimson Guardians Kickstarter Campaign!

I made a special full splash print for the guys to give away as part of their rewards to backers that they will be releasing in the near future as well. You will be able to check that out shortly on my blog and creating comics show this week...keep an eye out for that.

Until next time, be sure to support the guys and let them know I sent ya!

Hope Ya Dig!


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